A Hotel-Like Home  .  A Home-Like Hotel

MaxStays offers a unique combination of hotel-like amenities and the conveniences of home in an exclusive environment complemented by extraordinary service that takes the concept of  ‘luxury’ to a new meaning.

We believe in integrity, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible service as part of our ongoing search for excellence. 

Max's team treat our guest like family members. When you are away a home, we are the one who care about your needs.

We share the concept of our main brand, MaxStays. A hotel-like home, a home-like hotel.

We has created a new accommodation model between AirB&B and traditional hotels with the quality, innovation and management that Singapore has always attached importance to, and has been promoted to other regions and supported by the industry and customers.

MaxStays emerges to bridge the gap between the two. MaxStays refers to "maximize the value of your stays". 

We won Agoda " Golden Circle Award in 2018 ", only 1% of hotel operators are awarded every year.

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Our Vision :  become a leading Condetol operator in ASEAN
Our Mission :  Integrity  / Service / Excellence / Learning / Responsibility / Respect / Professionalism